News 2017

Rally Obedience 26.11.2017 Loimaa
Mango (B. Mango):
Novice class approved, 87 points
- judge Anna Klingenberg, handler Arja Suomi

Congratulations for a nice result in a new hobby.

Onni's news 10/2017
During the spring we treated Onniís (B. Pineapple) furunculosis in many different ways but the care did not help. We also visited veterinarians without any bigger success. Antibiotics helped a little but not enought.

An appointment with a specialist was a positive experience Ė now Onni was thoroughly examined and tests were taken. We got new instructions and medicines and at the moment Onniís paws are much better. We hope his recovery will continue. However according to the specialist Onni must probably eat medicines the rest of his life and that means he cannot take part in shows and trials anymore.

The Mermaid litter 10 years
Congratulations on the birthday 05.09.2017!

Elsa 12.07.2001 - 21.08.2017
Today we said farewell to our lovely old lady Elsa (B. One And Only). She was the last of our original quartet including also halfbrother Eetu, mother Frida and grandmother Alma. Now our beloved and important four-legged family members are together again.

Elsa was an independent bitch with a strong own will which she showed when necessary. At the same time she was a gentle and nice companion and versatile friend in many hobbies. Elsa put our younger dogs in order and showed them their places. She was always friendly to other dogs and people.

Elsa had a long and happy life. She was active and liked training and working. The pretty bitch was succesful in different hobbies gaining lovely results and many champion titles. We were very proud of her.

The youthful Elsa was always very healthy and she visited the veterinarian mainly for vaccinations. In early spring a kidney disease was diagnosed and treated with diet. When Elsa's condition started slowly to go down we had to make the final and most difficult decision for her best and let her go. We miss her so much.

Thank you dear Elsa for all these years we shared together. You live in thousands of memories that we have saved to our hearts. Some day we will meet again.

Tarmo 2 years
Our youngest family member Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) celebrates his birthday 21.08.2017. Because of the sad day Tarmo will get his party later.

The Bird litter 9 years
Happy birthday to the littermates 21.08.2017!

Tracking 19.08.2017 Karasjok, Norway
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
1. prize => NO TR CH => NORD TR CH
- judge Ørjan Andersen, handler Anne Rannikko

Congratulations to the new Norwegian and Nordic Tracking Champion! Excellent job!

Elsa 16 years
Our lovely old lady Elsa (B. One And Only) celebrates her birthday 12.07.2017! Elsa has been feeling well despite her kidney disease and she is enjoying her life - of course we keep carefully an eye on her. Elsa sleeps a lot and her hearing and vision have gone down but her sense of smell is excellent. Elsa's outdoor walks are short and slowly because the old dog wants to sniff and check every blade of grass. When the mealtime is getting closer the old lady is sitting in the kitchen and waiting eagerly for her food.

We live with Elsa for one day at a time.

Tracking 05.06.2017 Sunnansjö, Sweden
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Open class 1. prize => SE TR CH
- judge Håkan Stenman, handler Anne Rannikko

Congratulations to the new Swedish Tracking Champion! We are so proud of you!

Elsa's news 3/2017
Our old lady Elsa (B. One And Only) became ill with urethritis and needed two different antibiotics to get well. During the control visit to the vet Elsaís blood tests showed elevated kidney values and the diagnose was kidney insufficiency. Ultrasound of the kidneys was normal and the urine test was okay too except the low specific gravity.

Kidney insufficiency is a serious disease and there is no cure for it. The signs can be very mild and may often be difficult to notice. When the kidney values are found elevated about 75 % of kidneys function is lost. A low-protein-diet helps the weakened kidneys to work, there must also be free supply of water and the dog must have access out often enough for urination.

Elsa is already very old and we know that we donít have much time together left even if she didnít have this kidney disease. We keep an eye on Elsa and she is regularly checked by the vet. At the moment the situation is good - Elsa enjoys her new low-protein-diet, she likes to go for walks with our other dogs and she drinks and urinates normally.

Onni's news 3/2017
Some time ago we noticed furunculosis in Onniís (B. Pineapple) paws. Unfortunately care and treatment have not helped so well and the cold wet weather does not make the situation better. As far as we know Onni is the only dog bred by us suffering from this bad and difficult disease.

We were going to continue water rescue with Onni next summer but now the future of this hobby is very insecure.

The Cheese litter 12 years
Congratulations to the littermates on their birthday 17.03.2017!

The Spice litter 11 years
Congratulations to the littermates who celebrate their birthday 16.03.2017!

Onni 6 years
Congratulations to our lovely boy Onni (B. Pineapple) who celebrates his birthday 06.03.2017! Best regards also to Onni's littermates!

Tarmo's news 2/2017
After his EPI-diagnose (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) is now feeling better. Instead of a veterinary diet he eats ordinary dog food with enzyme supplements and vitamines. His stool is normal and solid, coat is better and strange eczema in his ears has disappeared. Also the result of his blood test tells of an improvement. - We are happy of Tarmo's situation and hope it to continue.

Time will tell if the disease has caused long-term effects to Tarmoís life and future.

International Dog Show 22.01.2017 Turku
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Working class VG
- judge Richard Bott, Great Britain