News 2019

Tracking 27.10.2019 Kronberg Hegn, Denmark
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Champion class 3. prize
- judge Ib Larsen, handler Anne Rannikko

The Mermaid litter 12 years
Congratulations on the birthday 05.09.2019!

Tarmo 4 years
Our youngest family member Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) celebrates his birthday 21.08.2019. Many happy returns!

The Bird litter 11 years
Happy birthday to the littermates 21.08.2019!

Mango 06.03.2011 - 01.08.2019
We got sad news that the 8-years-old Mango (B. Mango) had passed away. Her spondylosis started to show so bad symptoms that it was time to let her go. Our deepest sympathy to Arja who loved and always took so good care of Mango.

Onni's news 5/2019
During the spring Onni (B. Pineapple) started limping his front and we visited the veterinarian who had knowledge of orthopedic problems. The x-ray showed the bad situation - Onni had a severe osteoarthritis in his left elbow and spondylosis both in his cervical vertebrae and lumbar-sacrum vertebrae. According to the vet these defects are consequenses of aging.

Onni's new disorders were an unpleasant surprise because the dog has not shown any special symptoms, just some short temporary periods of limping. Onni's littermate Mango (B. Mango) is also suffering from spondylosis and she has had some painful periods. Fortunately Mango is now feeling well.

Now Onni has a new strong medication and we hope that he will be better. We will continue giving him joint supplements and we also treat his elbow with laser. Outside we do short walks in the leash, also suitable exercises to maintain the motility will be done.

The Spice litter 13 years
Congratulations to the littermates who celebrate their birthday 16.03.2019!

Onni 8 years
Congratulations to our nice and friendly boy Onni (B. Pineapple) who celebrates his birthday 06.03.2019! Best regards also to Onni's littermates!

International Dog Show 20.01.2019 Turku
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Working class EXC-3
- judge Philippe Lammens, France

Martta (B. Starling):
Veteran class/EXC-1, BOS-veteran
- judge Philippe Lammens, France