News 2021

The Mermaid litter 14 years
Congratulations on the birthday 05.09.2021!

Tarmo 6 years
The nice and friendly Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) celebrates his birthday 21.08.2021. Many happy returns!

Tarmo lost recently his dog buddy and since then he has been a bit confused and lonely. We give him more attention and spend time together with nice hobbies.

The Bird litter 13 years
Happy birthday to the littermates 21.08.2021!

Sara 16.03.2006 - 13.07.2021
The 15-years-old Sara (B. Coriander) passed away quietly in the home yard after having a bad neurological seizure, probably caused by a brain tumour. The owner had to do the most difficult and final decision for Sara's best and let her go. Our deepest sympathy to Riitta and thank you for giving Sara a good home and loving care with nice hobbies.

Onni 06.03.2011 - 02.07.2021
You never know what the new day will bring. The sunny and beautiful summer morning turned to a nightmare and tragedy ending to Onni's (B. Pineapple) sudden death in the afternoon. It is difficult to understand how quickly everything happened.

In the morning Onni was okay. His condition suddenly crashed down in the daytime an we had to hurry to the emergency vet knowing that Onni's situation was serious. The staff was waiting for us when we arrived. Onni was lifted on a trolley and taken immediately to the examination room. After a long waiting the vet came and told us the sad news. Onni had a ruptured spleen tumour, obviously a malignant hemangiosarcoma, and the prognosis was poor. Also the blood test were abnormal. For us there was only one and right option - to let Onni go. The tired and sick dog passed away quietly leaving us in mourning. We miss Onni so much.

Onni was from our own breeding, a kind and friendly dog who had many different hobbies. He gained nice results even if his insecurity was a challenge in tests and trials. At home Onni was an easy and loyal companion. He was retired because of his many severe health problems which required regular medication.

Thank you dear Onni for the years we had together. You are in our thoughts and always with us. We will meet again some day.

The Spice litter 15 years
Congratulations to the gray-nosed oldies on their birthday 16.03.2021!

Onni 10 years
Congratulations to our lovely gentleman Onni (B. Pineapple) who celebrates his birthday 06.03.2021 with a big party! Best regards also to Onni's littermates!

Siiri 16.03.2006 - 02.01.2021
The year began sadly with news that the 14-years-old Siiri (B. Cardamom) had passed away. During the autumn her condition started to go down and now it was time to make the final decision for her best. Siiri was able to leave this world still happy and in good mood. Our deepest sympathy to Siiri's family who gave her a good home with nice hobbies and loving care.