News 2023

Tarmo 8 years
Our cheerful and friendly Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) celebrates his birthday 21.08.2023. Tarmo suffers from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and hereditary epilepsy but with regular medications he has been well. We wish Tarmo many happy returns!

Ruuti 06.03.2011 - 03.05.2023
The 12-years-old Ruuti (B. Papaya) has passed away. Ruuti suffered from bad osteoarthritis and when his condition became worse, the owner had to make the final decision and let him go. Our deepest sympathy to Elina and thank you for giving Ruuti a good home and loving care with nice hobbies.

The Exotic fruit litter 12 years
Congratulations on the birthday 06.03.2023!